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Naperville Legislative Action Plan

The Naperville City Council recently held a workshop to review the city’s legislative action plan.

 Council approved six capital projects that would require funding from the state to complete. Those include work on the North Aurora Road underpass, redevelopment of the land at 430 South Washington Street and a new downtown parking deck.

They also prioritized legislative policies which they are looking for the state to enact to improve operations, like a policy on streamlined sales tax and government consolidation.

“Naperville is viewed as a leader within the state from a legislative standpoint, and we frequently testify down there, and the Naperville name carries a lot of weight. So if we’re behind something, it helps a lot of our local legislators as well as others from outside if it has Naperville’s support,” said Dough Krieger, City Manager with the City of Naperville.

The council will formally vote on the legislative action plan in April.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.


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