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Naperville Historic Preservation Commission

City Council conducted the first reading of an ordinance proposing an at-large membership for the Historic Preservation Commission, which has not been fully filled for the past two years.

“This last meeting, a couple issues came up but there wasn’t enough people there to meet the quorum and it’s hard to find people within the district to put their names in to be appointed by the mayor to this commission,” said Councilwoman Becky Anderson.

Because the historic district is comprised of 280 houses, and only allows residents to join the nine-person commission, council members are looking to grant membership to those residing outside of Historic Downtown Naperville who have a passion for maintaining the historic feel of the community.

However, some council members are concerned that the historic district’s voice may become too diluted with an at-large membership.

The ordinance will be revisited at the next City Council meeting on June 21.

Naperville News 17’s Rachel Pierson reports.


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