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Naperville Group Gets the Facts on Global Warming


Global warming is a hot topic in our world today – that’s why one local group made it a point to get the facts straight.

In an effort to stay up to date on current events, the Naperville League of Women Voters hosted a presentation about the science behind global warming.

Argonne National Laboratory Research meteorologist, Doug Sisterson, shared his findings of how we know more now about global warming than ever before.

He also mentioned the importance of not blaming large companies for the issue and instead taking responsibility at every level.

“It’s down to the interesting topic of reducing your carbon footprint. So we can all do something at all different levels research levels, political levels, and people levels,” Doug Sisterson, Research Meteorologist for Argonne National Labs.

Two simple ways to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint: turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, and always turn off the lights when a room isn’t in use.

Naperville News 17’s Natalie Vitale Reports.


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