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Naperville Council Sets Limits on Beekeeping

After some complaints were heard about neighborhood beekeepers, the council voted to place limits on how many can be kept in backyards.

Council voted seven to two to set regulations on hives in backyards based on a residents lot size. Three hives can be kept on lots under a quarter acre in size, six hives on a quarter acre to half an acre and up to ten hives can be kept on lots an acre or larger.

The new rules were welcomed by council members.

“Putting the acreage thing on it, I don’t think is a big deal, I don’t think this would discourage anyone, I think we should encourage people, because this is one of the greatest hobbies,” said Councilwoman Becky Anderson.

Other rules included in the new ordinance say that the hives must be at least five feet away from property lines, and cannot be in front yards. Beekeepers must also register their hives with the state.

The next city council meeting will be November 15.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.


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