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Naperville City Council Update

At the latest city council meeting, the group took a closer look at a section of the municipal code.

 Per the code, when a new development comes to town they must dedicate land for future park sites to the park district or school district or pay a fee in lieu of the land.

However petitioner Paul Trotto came forward at the meeting requesting a variance to that plan that would put less burden on projects like his small townhome development.

“The park donations are $100,000, and I’m not asking that I be graced the $100,000, but basically just a payment plan that everytime I pull a building permit, I would pay a portion of the park donations,” said Trotto, a Naperville Resident.

While council was hesitant to make exceptions to the rules, they also didn’t want to discourage economic development.

“Impact fees are very effective, and we’re very, very successful to this community, and that is one of the reasons why we have such great parks and amenities, because we did that. But as you build out, they’re not as effective, in fact they’re a detriment,” said Steve Chirico, Mayor of the City of Naperville.

Council voted to allow a payment plan variance for the petitioner and discussed looking at the code to make changes in the future.

One last bit of business from the meeting, council adopted the resolution opposing the extra space storage facility that was planned to go near 75th Street and Wehrli Road.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek Reports.


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