Naperville Boy Saw the Lights of Broadway

A 12 year-old boy left Naperville for the holidays to take the spotlight on Broadway. Johnny Rabe starred as “Ralphie” in “A Christmas Story, the Musical.”

The production was based on the 1983 movie of the same title that tells the comical story of a little boy who asks Santa for a Red Rider BB Gun. The Broadway take placed seventh on Time Magazine’s list of top ten plays and musicals for 2012.

Rabe started acting at age eight in community theatre, and professionally at ten years old.

“When there’s a spotlight on me and everyone’s watching, it’s just so exciting, to have everyone’s attention and know that whatever I do, they’re going to see that,” said Rabe. “It’s just so awesome!”

The seventh grader and his entire family spent Christmas together in New York City but are now home after the show’s eight week run.

“At the beginning it was almost unreal to be sitting there watching him be the lead in this big Broadway show,” said his mother Lilah Rabe.

Rabe is also playing a supporting role in “The Music Man” at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora. That musical will run from January 16th through February 3rd.


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