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Muggle Quidditch in Naperville

The Naperville Public Library hosted Naperville’s first-ever Quidditch tournament.
The magical sport, which is typically played on flying broomsticks, is from the Harry Potter universe. In this case, it was adapted for the ground but in a nod to its magical origins, players had to hold a broomstick between their legs.

About two-dozen Naperville teens came out to try the sport.

“I think the teens initially just love the books and Quidditch is so much fun, it’s inspiring to see Harry Potter to go out there and try to win the Quidditch games,” says Kiersten Doucette, Teen Services Librarian from the Naperville Public Library, “They’re inspired by that and they want to come out and do something fun too, and it’s definitely different.”

Teens got to try different positions on the pitch, from the Chasers, who score points by throwing the quaffle through the hoops, to the Seekers who try to catch the Golden Snitch, just like Harry Potter.

Naperville is the latest town to join the Quidditch craze – the sport is played by hundreds of teams in over 20 countries.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.


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