Mindful Eating

If you have mindlessly eaten a whole bowl of popcorn in front of the television, you aren’t alone, and a local library wants to help you kick that habit.

The 95th Street Library, along with Edward Hospital, put on the workshop ‘Mindful Eating: Am I Hungry’ as part of their Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise yearlong wellness initiative.

Linden Oaks psychologist Michael Keaveny taught residents about the importance of watching your food intake.

“Pay very close attention to what you’re eating,” said Keaveny. “And you pay very close attention to you body hunger levels and when you eat mindfully it’s going to make you be able to stop when you’re satisfied and not to over eat.”

Keaveny added many people overeat out of boredom and by using food to feed an emotional hunger instead of body hunger.

To become more mindful, slow down while eating to allow your body time to release satisfaction triggers. You can also try eating with your nondominate hand or chopsticks to focus on each bite and keep a food log of when and what you are consuming as well as how you feel to eliminate emotional eating.

This event follows an eight-week “Am I Hungry” program hosted by Linden Oaks, also about mindful eating.


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