Meet the Mayor

You may know him from just being a lifelong Naperville resident, or from his former role as a City Councilman, but either way both have prepared him for his newest job, Mayor of Naperville.

“I think it was just an understanding after working with the City Council and while I was first of all, enjoying the people I was working with and knowing that everybody was really here because they love Naperville,” said Mayor Chirico. “Then understanding how government works compared to how the private sector works, feeling that I could do a good job working in that environment and making a positive contribution.”

Beating out three other contenders for the spot and taking just over 60% of the votes, it seems the public is confident with the future of the city under Chirico’s lead. But coming into the role with a budget gap of $6 million, he has a lot of work to do.

“My main goal is really to focus on the economic development, and just get this city re-balanaced with business revenues and property tax revenues. We need the business so that we can protect all the amenities that people want, so we can keep our property taxes manageable, so people can live here as they age, so people can afford to live here and their children can afford to live here,” said Chirico.

Taking a more business minded approach, while following in the footsteps of former 20-year Mayor George Pradel may seem like a tough transition, but according to Chirico it’s a good place to start.

“Mayor Pradel laid such a foundation, the foundation he laid for this office of ethics, being responsive to the community, his enthusiasm and energy, he just made it so easy for the next mayor to step in knowing that there was just this great quality, well built base.”

Chirico does admit however, the two will have some differences.

“I’m not going to be Santa Clause, I probably won’t wear a top hat, other than that I’m very proud to follow what he does,” said Chirico.


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