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Man Sentenced Who Made Threats Against Naperville College

23-year-old Aden Khan, received his sentence for making threats via social media to North Central College.

Khan, who was found guilty in January, will serve 180 days probation, during which he is not permitted to have contact with anyone at North Central College or be on campus – he also isn’t permitted on social media sites for any school in the country, unless he is enrolled in the institution. Khan will also not be allowed to leave the state and have to participate in counseling for what Judge Bakalis deemed a narcissistic personality brought on by his upbringing.

In 2013 Khan, created a Facebook page called “North Central Confessions” and had posted a message saying, “I bring a gun to school every day. Someday someone is going to p— me off and end up in a bag.”

The post alarmed college officials who then alerted police.

Naperville News 17’s Natalie Vitale Reports.


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