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Kindness Rocks Naperville

Naperville is rocking this latest trend to spread inspiration and kindness throughout town.

Painting rocks with happy images and hiding them outdoors for others to find – it’s a national trend for kids and their families to be artistic while spreading kindness, and it was recently brought to Naperville’s Learning Express.

“I think what’s great about it is that anyone can do it. You don’t need to have a big elaborate set up to do it; you don’t need to have a certain skill set to do it. I mean a three-year-old can slap some paint on there and it’s going to be beautiful and someone is going to be excited to find it,” said Ashley Humberstone, the store manager of the Learning Express in Naperville. “Or there are adults who are doing portraits of characters and different things and those ones are awesome too. So I think there’s a wide range of people who can do it so I think that’s what makes it really great.”

Kids can paint anything that makes them happy and hide the rocks in public spaces for someone to find their message.

“Whoever finds our rocks I hope they’re happy and I hope something good happens,” said nine-year-old rock painter, Kayli.

“I would also want to say that they feel surprised and they feel really lucky to get them,” said nine-year old rock painter, Ulla.

“I just like painting them and I think it’s nice to put them out because other people will find it and they’ll be happy,” said ten-year-old rock painter, Areej.

If you find a kindness rock you can keep it, leave it, or hide it somewhere else and paint a new rock in its place.

This trend has now become local thanks to Ann Zediker, who started the Facebook group “Kindness Rocks Naperville” to brighten someone’s day.

“Have the children see the impact of one little rock on somebody else. One other child, one other adult, one other grandparent. It’s an awesome experience where people can really embrace and see how a little bit of time and a little bit of effort can really make somebody else’s day,” said Zediker.

Zediker’s group collaborated with the Learning Express for the rock painting event, which brought out around 60 kids throughout the day for some kind-hearted, artistic fun.

The Learning Express in Naperville will hold another rock painting event in August.

As you’re walking around Naperville, keep an eye out for little rocks with a big purpose.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.


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