October 10, 2014

KidsMatter Volunteer Fair

Children who start volunteering at a young age are more likely to carry on the tradition as adults, which is why KidsMatter started students off early at their 12th Annual Youth and Family Volunteer Fair.

The Naperville not-for-profit attracted middle school, high school, and college students to choose from over 25 local groups that they would like to serve.

“They can pick from a large variety that they have a particular interest in, that will fit with their schedule and they will quickly find out that they are making a positive difference,” said IdaLynn Wenhold, KidsMatter’s Executive Director.

Students are able to take the time to find a group that’s right for them, while the organizations get a much needed hand.

“Volunteering for us is very important because 70% of the work that is accomplished through our rebuilding project is done by volunteers,” said Patrick rogers, President of Rebuilding Together Aurora. “We probably put to use anywhere from 700-800 volunteers throughout at any given year.”

The fair is just one more way to reinforce the mission of KidsMatter, educating and encouraging youth to build developmental assets.

“It is so important for our young people to volunteer because this type of experience allows them early on in their life to recognize that they have the ability to make a difference in someone else’s life,” said IdaLynn Wenhold.

This event brings out over 700 people and they hope to attract more each year.


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