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Keeping Cool in Naperville

With heat indexes recently going above 100 degrees, the City of Naperville wants to remind residents that the Municipal Center and all Naperville Public Libraries are cooling stations throughout town.

And while you’re escaping the heat, make sure those around you are as well.

“In these extreme heat situations, we ask that people be aware of their neighbors, if they have elderly neighbors, if they can continue to check in on them. Be aware of their pets; be aware that heat affects pets as well. Just be careful and supply the right amount of water and actually hydrate yourself too,” said Communications Manager for the City of Naperville, Linda LaCloche.

But if you end up getting overheated, intervening early is the best course of action.

“Heat exhaustion, heat stroke is really the core temperature getting excessive, so if you can keep your body cool, keep ice packs on your body, keep cold compresses around yourself if you feel that way, and stay, stay hydrated – don’t forget to eat- those are all good points to keep someone healthy and in good shape during the heat of summer,” said Chief of the Naperville Fire Department, Mark Puknaitis.

Another tip, wear loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing when outdoors to help keep cool.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.


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