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Inside a Resident’s Home After the Tornado

Inside a Home After the Tornado

In the aftermath of the tornado that hit the Cinnamon Creek neighborhood in Naperville, one resident took us through her home to see the damage the EF-3 tornado caused from the inside.

Halida Wakar was in her family room watching TV when the siren alert came in.

“I called my son and said where are you? At that time I saw a lot of rain, outside is [a problem]. The trees go down and up,” said Wakar. “The tornado came maybe 11 p.m. I’m standing over there and I see… there’s a big sound and my ear closed. The glass of the windows broke.”

Damage in the House

In her living room windows broke, which caused glass on the floor. The TV also fell over. Wakar was home alone at this time, with her son and husband on the road.

“I’m so worried about my husband and son. They’re looking ‘where can I go?’ Everything is closed,” said Wakar.

In the basement, another window broke which brought glass to the floor, as well as let the rain in. Because of this, the carpet was all wet. The TV in the basement also fell over. Wakar sat on the stairs of the basement for about half an hour.

Afterwards when she went to check on the top floor, she found that section was also affected. The floor of the master bedroom was filled with glass from the broken window, and her ceiling sustained some damage.

The ceiling of another room was badly damaged and had water gathering. As she was taking us on the tour, part of the ceiling collapsed.

When she saw what happened, she thought¬†“I’m too scared and I said oh my god, what happened?”


Through all of this, Wakar said she’s thankful she, her husband, and son didn’t get hurt.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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