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Indian Community Outreach Discussion

The Naperville Indian Community Outreach held it’s first of many discussions, raising social awareness about Indian American culture.

“We feel that as part of the community, we have a responsibility to bring up certain subjects, which are discussed within closed rooms but not in public settings. If they are discussed and properly having everyone in the community get to contribute towards it, I think we can bring about much bigger social change,” said Indian Community Outreach Board Member Sanjog Aul.

The discussion focused on ways to change misconceptions found in schools, the work place and our society.

“Why is this happening? Which are the triggers? What’s the cause? What do you not understand about Indians, which is causing you to kind of stay away or not mingle as well? Because we are coming to embrace, we want the rest of the world to understand what we are all about and as a result of that, we develop that one family,” added Aul.

Among the events attendees were representatives from Naperville School Districts 203 and 204, Police Chief Robert Marshal, City Councilwoman Patti Gustin and Mayor Steve Chirico.

These discussions will continue in hopes of creating a more inclusive community that celebrates diversity.

Naperville News 17’s Rachel Pierson reports.


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