January 16, 2015

Importance of Naperville City Council

The cost of having a pet, when you can get a shot at your local bar, and what signs you see as you’re driving down the road, these are just a handful of the parts of your life a council member can reach through their decisions.

“We tend to think that federal government is the most important, but what’s most interesting and what people don’t realize is it’s actually the local and city governments that affect us the most intimately on our day to day lives,” said Political Scientist, Suzanne Chod. “Who represents city council in some ways is almost more important and making sure we vote for those people is almost more important because of what they do for us.”

The job description of a council member is long, including making policies, responding to local disasters and keeping the public safe, and at a local government level, these small decisions can make for drastic change.

“The vote that a councilman has is the biggest things, because if you have a close vote, then depending on which way they swing, it could make a difference in approving or not approving an ordinance or approving a budget or not approving a budget, so it’s very important that all the councilman and the mayor have in their right to vote one way or another,” said Kenn Miller, Former Councilman for the City of Naperville.

The consolidated elections this April are quickly approaching, and will give Naperville residents a chance to cast their vote for who will serve on city council. This time around, all eight seats are up for grabs, so it’s more important than ever to cast your vote and help shape your city.

“This election is incredibly important for voters to be paying attention in April,” said Chod. “One of the most important things for a City Council member is how connected to the community are these people. Are they going to be able to know what the residents of Naperville need? What they may want in the future, what is their vision for the city short term and long term? Someone who is grounded in the community and has roots here and is visible in the community is something that we should be looking for.”

And those in the running must be ready to take on all responsibilities that come with the job.

20 names are in the running for eight council seats, including four incumbents.

The four council members that get the highest number of votes will serve four-year terms, while the rest will serve two.

The election will be held on April 7.


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