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Illinois Budget

Passing with an overwhelming majority in both the house and the senate, the stopgap budget will serve as a Band-Aid for the next 6 months, allowing schools and state services to continue in the fall.

Illinois schools will receive $500 million more than they did last year and as for social services, the plan allows for $673 million to be distributed to them.

“Essentially it will fully fund K through 12 and it will also fund IDOT and some other core services department of corrections, social services we hope. Again, the governors, what we are hoping for is a more global resolution of all the issues. The governor wants a more pro job-creating environment in Illinois so he can go out and recruit business to Illinois so we can grow the revenues to pay the bills,” said State Senator, Michael Connelly.

While the agreement helps relieve some money stress, it’s a quick fix as opposed to a long term plan.

“I think Ill be adequate it’s just not appropriate we need a responsible balance budget and we need to keep going towards that goal. A stopgap budget is simple short-term approval. I think it will be about six months approval for limited expenditures. It keeps the boat a float per says. But it certainly doesn’t get us in any direction forward,” said Representative Stephanie Kifowit.

Both sides hope this short-term resolution will lead to a more balanced, healthy budget for our state.

“The bottom line is we do need a fiscally responsible budget but we do also need a socially responsible budget I think the fact that our university systems are almost crumbling our community colleges are suffering along with all the social services is just shame full we need to concentrate on a responsible budget,” said Kifowit.

“We will spend the next six months finalizing what will the over all budget solution look like we going to change are work comp rules and what not make Illinois more attractive for business and move forwarded and you know at the end of the year have a governor going out there bringing business to Illinois,” said Connelly.

Naperville News 17’s Natalie Vitale reports.



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