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Hot Temps, Cool Dogs

Dogs can easily overheat in the summer, but there are some fun and easy ways to help them stay cool.

First, make sure they keep hydrated by giving them fresh water throughout the day.

“Very important that it’s fresh water all through out the year, but especially in the summer to just encourage that water consumption, a lot of dogs don’t like stagnant water, just like you and I don’t like stagnant water,” said AdreAnne Tesene, Owner of Two Bostons Pet Boutique.

And when going for a walk, bring a portable water bottle so your pup can drink on the go.

After your walk, it’s time to relax.

“Keep something on hand that’s cool, so this Canine Cooler, or a kiddie pool, something that is an easy way to cool the dog’s body down a little quicker, also making sure their belly and their pads can hit that cool texture is really a great way to cool them down,” said Tesene.

Next up is playtime, try freezing a toy filled with peanut butter or pumpkin to create a nice pup-sicle.

Tesene adds, “If you’ve got a dog that loves to play, doing some water toys like these, where you can soak them in the water and then as they play and chew on them the water comes out and keeps them refreshed.”

Another important way to keep pups cool and safe, is to keep them out of unattended cars.

“Be aware that the car temperature quickly rises, obviously you’re not allowed to leave your children in the car. Just think of your pets in the same manner,” said Joanne Aul, Supervisor of Naperville Animal Care and Control.

If you find a dog in a car and you’re concerned for its safety, Naperville Animal Control recommends calling 911 before taking action into your own hands.

Another tip, when its hot out, remember to leave on a fan or air conditioning so all pets in your house can keep cool.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.



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