Home Safety Month

If you’re one of the 136 million Americans expected to take a vacation this summer, there are a few things you may want to know before leaving your home unoccupied for a while.

For “National Home Safety Month,” we found some tips to help protect your property.

Alarm Detection Systems in Aurora says a basic security system nowadays is rather affordable for many and helps protect your front, back, and garage doors.

Naperville resident Benjamin White has had an alarm installed at home for the last 15 years to help give him some piece of mind.

“I’m a retired military member so while I was in active duty, I was often away from my family, so just that added security was very good, especially for my wife, made her feel safe,” said White.

Alarms can be especially useful while on summer vacation. Most alarms are set with a code but some can even be set with the swipe of a sensor on your key-chain.

“In addition to that, you might put a motion detector in so that if someone breaks a window and they start moving around, that motion detector detects you,” said Kim Keating Executive Officer for Alarm Detection Services.

The Naperville Police Department says it’s important to periodically check that your home security system is working properly, as a false alarm can be costly.

“One officer will be responding and then they also have a backup so you have two officers that are going to a home or a business where they don’t really need to be and it could be pulling them off of something more important,” said Deborah Hansen, False Alarm Reduction Coordinator for the Naperville Police Department.

In addition to alarms, many companies also now offer mobile apps that let you turn your lights on or off, adjust your thermostat, monitor home security cameras, and even lock your doors all from a single smart-phone.

For those not so technically inclined, there are a number of other simple things you can do to keep potential thieves away.

“Making sure when you’re out of town that your mail is picked up, moving obvious valuables from where they can be seen through the windows, and even having a neighbor park their car in the driveway to give the appearance someone’s coming in and out of the home,” said Keating.

“Some people don’t have their lawns mowed when they’re gone and when that grass gets high, it’s obvious that no one’s home, which gives that thief the opportunity to break in,” said Hansen.

And another thing: Never post how excited you might be about your upcoming vacation on social media sites. Wait to tell the world about your trip until after you return home.

Many break-ins happen in broad daylight because that’s when people are away for work. So it’s important to protect your house 24-7.

For additional precautions, visit www.aperville.il.us and search “vacation watch.”


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