Healthy Substitutions

Across the nation, many Americans are just beginning their healthy New Years Resolutions by hitting the gym or changing their diets.

If you’re hoping to slim down in 2014, NCTV17’s Whitney Goodbred found a few simple swaps you can start making today, to start you down that path.

First, evaluate what you’re drinking everyday.

“I encourage people to drink more water. We’re a society of lattes and fancy drinks, but we need to get back to basics,” said Nicki Anderson, a local fitness columnist.

Drinking more water can not only help with cutting out empty calories, but can also help boost your immune system.

Another place to make substitutions is in your food choices. Anderson suggests starting small by swapping out one processed snack like chips for fruit or a salad per week.

Christy Kabbani, owner of Two Mothers foods, has an entire menu of modified dishes at her restaurant that focus on vegan and vegetarian versions of popular dishes.

Kobani shared the recipe for one of her top sellers, a vegan mock tuna fish wrap, for those looking for a compete meal substitution.

“Many people like tuna fish, but it’s not so great for you,” explained Kabbani. “Especially because you don’t know what’s in the ocean and the mercury levels that could be in that fish. So we’re going to make a vegan interpretation of that tuna fish using white beans.”

With the beans, Kobani adds mayo, parsley, and seaweed flakes to give the bean mixture a seafood taste. Then serve up the mixture on a bun or with fresh squeezed lemons.

Small changes, like going meatless on Mondays, can make a big change in your overall health.

“The reality is, is that people are used to a high fat high sodium,” said Anderson. “It’s what they are used to because that’s what they get when they eat out. So when you come home and try to make something healthy, that’s why people don’t like it. Allow your pallet time to change.”

And for those with a sweet tooth, Kabbani suggests replacing the eggs in your baked goods with applesauce to reduce the fat or the pureed beans, to increase the item’s protein.

All little steps that can add up to an eventual lifestyle change.

“If you think six-weeks you are going to have these grand ideas,” Anderson said. “But, if you think for the rest of my life. What can you do today that will contribute to tomorrow.”

Two Mothers is also planning to release a product line in the spring of this year to help those on the go stick to a healthy lifestyle.


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