November 14, 2014

Naperville Marathon Recap

From the beginning we knew this race would be a big deal.

Nearly 6,000 runners from 37 states and seven countries, countless hours spent preparing and hundreds of volunteers helped make this day into a success.

The big winner was Yonatan Mascote. The 25-year-old, Naperville resident is no stranger to a lonely finish line, as this was his second time coming in first in the 26.2 mile course. He completed the run in two hours 33 minutes and 53 seconds, beating his previous time by about a minute.

“The last probably two and a half miles I was hurting a little, I probably fell off pace, but I knew what to expect. The last two miles weren’t pretty but did some arm movement, tried to stay as smooth as possible, keep it moving one foot after the other so its pretty tough,” said Yonatan Mascote, male marathon winner for 2014.

Coming in shortly behind Yonatan with a time of 2:50:57 was the female full marathon winner, another repeat runner who welcomed the variety of the course.

“It was fine, when everybody says its hilly in Naperville, they’re lying. The rolling hills were nice. I’m a huge fan of that in marathons, it kind of helps wake things up a bit and use different muscle groups that haven’t been used for a few miles, so I appreciated every little hill there was, but it was a great course,” said Marisa Hird, female marathon winner for 2014.

Others took on the challenge of the 13.1 mile course. Coming in first place was Jeff Purdom for the men and Amber White for the women, both repeat finishers from last year.

Also coming up winners were runners for a total of 26 charities, who rose nearly a quarter of a million dollars for local and national not-for -profit organizations.

Topping the list as the charity champion was the Indian Prairie Educational Foundation, who raised money for the District 204 schools.

“This has been absolutely phenomenal. We’re proud to be out here as one of the charity partners. We have 31 runners, we’ve seen about half of them go by already and were so excited to be a part of this, our runners raised over $30,000,” said Susan Rasmus, Executive Director for the Indian Prairie Educational Foundation.

Each school selected will receive half the funds each runner raised.

Going the distance for a personal cause was Meadow Glens Elementary school teacher Chris Benyo.

Running for the Les Turner ALS Foundation, Benyo raised almost $9,000 in support of his wife Denise DiMarzo who suffers from the disease.

Support for him and for all the runners was visible on every street corner due in part to the efforts of neighborhood team members.

Keep those signs handy, planning for the next marathon is already underway as the date is set for November 8, 2015.

To find a complete list of results from this year’s marathon, visit


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