January 23, 2015

Fluid Running

Six weeks before running a marathon, Jennifer Conroyd tore her calf muscles causing her to stop conventional training. Looking for an alternative, she committed herself to doing deep water running for one whole month. That work in the pool paid off, putting her back in the race on marathon day.

Wanting to help others, Jennifer set out to become a trainer herself.

“At the time, there was no certification here in America so I had to go to Canada a couple times, then I created Fluid Running,” Said Jennifer Conroyd, Founder of Fluid Running.

Jennifer’s workout has all the components as a run done on land, but keeping your form with the added resistance from the water and the increase in speed during the exercise is what gets the calories burning.

“We’re running in the same format as you do on land, same biomechanics so you get all of the benefits, but you also get all of the added benefits of core stability and your arms get a workout,” said Jennifer.

And Jennifer says that even though your heart rate rises as you run during this one-hour of exercise, the impact it has on your body stays low.

“The huge benefit is that you get a run workout without the impact of hitting land. When you’re running on land and you strike with one foot you’re hitting the ground with three to four times your body weight. So if you’re a 150 pound man you’re hitting the ground with 450 pounds. So you’re able to get that run benefit without joints hurting, bones, knees, and pulling muscles,” said Jennifer.

Participants do their running in the deep end of the pool and use a belt around their waist to help them stay afloat with a rope attached to a lap lane for extra support.

“We tether you to the lap lane and you won’t be sinking, you won’t be going anywhere, you’ll be staying in one place the entire class. It’s a very, very, good core workout. You’re staying up right the entire time and you’re practicing good running form, so you’re able to maintain any gains that you might have lost if you’ve been injured,” said Jessica Rangel, Fluid Running Trainer.

One participant who has been part of the class for just three weeks is already beginning to see improvements in her body.

“I feel like I’m a little bit stronger I also feel like from a health and circulation, I’ve been suffering with circulation in my legs for years and that’s really been sort of like so much better in the last few weeks,” said Tracy Berbier, Fluid Running participant. “And maybe it’s my imagination, but I feel like there’s toning going on in place so I really do feel stronger I feel like its been really powerful for me.”

Although Fluid Running is fit for anyone, this is not your ordinary aqua aerobics class, and Jennifer hopes to break that stereotype.


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