Fall Allergies

Notice your eyes itching, or perhaps a runny nose? We’ve got the likely culprit, fall allergies.

With the fall season comes a new batch of allergies, though the symptoms are similar to their springtime counterpart the causes are quite different.

“Fall allergies usually start mid August to September and even October in many cases. They are caused by Ragweed, weeds and typically the mold count is high that time of year too,” said Dr. Diane Ozog, Allergist and Immunology Specialist with Edward Medical Group.

But there is relief; many over the counter medications work well for seasonal allergies. However the best medicine is to just stay away.

“With allergies the basic approach is always avoidance so if you can avoid the allergen as much as possible that means less symptoms and less medicine,” said Ozog.

If over the counter medications aren’t helping your symptoms, you may want to check in with your family physician.

Naperville News 17’s Natalie Vitale Reports.


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