Energy Medicine

When we think about stress relief, we think of massages, yoga and maybe the occasional junk food. But energy medicine has a different approach to managing stress.

75-90% of all visits to the doctor are stress related and more people are seeking non-traditional solutions to this long standing issue.

Dr. Richard Gelband, a local chiropractor, has been using applied kinesiology for the past 38 years to look beyond surface issues and find his patient’s underlying cause of stress.

Gelband comments that, “the typical thought about stress is emotional stress. But there’s also biochemical stress, we talked about chemicals in our environment, chemicals in the foods, foods that are not even foods that are only chemicals that we consume.”

Using different sensory techniques, like exposure to colors, Dr. Gelband is able to diagnose intolerances, which cause stress in a patient.

“The thing that has really impacted my life with Dr. Gelband is the whole diet thing,” says patient Julie Oda. “And what he says is true about changing the way you eat. My husband is really good about avoiding wheat, and those of us that aren’t; we see the residuals of that.”

It’s just one type of energy medicine. A method of treatment focusing on the idea that the body heals itself by rebalancing energy, as long as there are no obstacles.

Licensed acupuncturist Frank Grill explains that, “acupuncture is a tool developed to treat two things. Pain and stress. 99% of the people that come to us, they have problems directly relating to pain or problems that are exacerbated by stress.”

In my case, it’s migraines. Grill gave me a demonstration proving the point that this stimulation of certain points in your body can have long lasting results.

Grill adds that, “the whole purpose of acupuncture is when we insert the needles, there’s a very, very slight sensation and within three to four seconds it goes away. Your body releases its own natural pain relievers, the endorphins. After you release the natural pain relievers you start to feel better. It also starts to move your system away from the sympathetic, away from the fight or flight, the stress mode and into the relaxed mode.”

Your body continues to produce and release endorphins up to 48 hours after an acupuncture treatment. Done regularly, these alternative methods can help free you from stress, and provide benefits for life.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, 38% of adults in the U.S. use some form of alternative medicine.


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