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Guide to Buying the Perfect Christmas Tree

Firs, spruces and pines- all options for your fresh Christmas tree this season, but to find the right choice for you, there are some thing to consider before you bring one home for the holidays.

“Well certain trees last longer in the house, so depending on if you want a tree in your house for 30 days or two weeks, it depends, Fraser Fir lasts the longest, I mean they’ll last in your house for well over 30 days without losing needles. Spruce tree if you have that in your house for a month, you’ll lose some needles,” said John Tebo, Manager of Tebo Evergreens.

Next, consider your space – make sure you pick a tree that fits the needs of your house and your family.

“Measure your ceiling before you come in so you know what you’re buying, you don’t want to buy a ten foot tree for an eight foot ceiling. If you have little kids too, you don’t want a really big tree that they’re going to pull over on them. How much decorations, some trees like the spruce have a little stiffer branch than the pines do, so you can hang a heavier ornament on it,” said Tebo.

When you think you’ve made the right choice, it’s time to pack it up and bring it home. Make sure to get the tree in water right away to ensure it lasts for the holidays.

“The biggest mistake that people make when they get the tree home is the tree dries out, because some nights it will drink a gallon of water, and most tree stands can only hold a cup or two, so once that bottom dries up, then you have to take it down and put another fresh cut because it seals off, so once your tree stand dries up out of water it’s not going to drink anymore after that,” said Tebo.

With these tips, hopefully you’ll find the perfect tree for your family!

One last tip- if you’re one to add sugar or aspirin to the water-no need. Cold water is the only thing that will help the tree’s lifespan.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.


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