Growing Daffodils

Spring is finally here, and Master Gardener Alumnus, Nancy Carroll, can finally enjoy one of her favorite seasons.

“You’ve waited a long time. It’s been cold, and so when you see the spring flowers, it just gives me a lot of hope,” said Carroll.

One of her favorite flowers to plant in the springtime, daffodils! There are more than 2,000 different types of the flower, and as a member of the National Daffodil Society, Carroll plants more than 50 different types in her yard.

“I don’t think you can ever have too many daffodils. They’re like friends, more friends the better, more daffodils the better,” she said.

But in addition to being a cheery flower, Carroll says daffodils also serve a purpose.

“There underneath the daffodils are lilies. Well bunnies think that lilies are chocolate cake. So if I put my daffodils around the lilies, they won’t eat them because the daffodils keep them away. Same with when you’re planting tulips. Tulips are eaten by rabbits too.”

When planting daffodil bulbs, do it in groups, that way you have a bunch of daffodils all growing together. Although you shouldn’t plant them in a place where you may have standing water, daffodils aren’t that picky of a flower.

“Daffodils aren’t fussy about the soil. They don’t have to have a lot of fertilizer,” said Carroll. “They like some sun, but they will also bloom in the shade. So I have them at the back of the house so they kind of bloom at different times.”

Carroll’s yard may look like something out of a magazine, but she loves to share her passion with kids.

“We come here once every year to take pictures and we have came here since we were really little,” said nine-year-old McKaela.

“I like just to pick the flowers,” said seven-year-old Eli.

“I think gardening is for sharing. I think you get kids inspired when they get to come up close to something and they’ve got permission to have it and take it home. They can put it in a vase. They might ask the question, ‘How can I have that in my yard?’” said Carroll.

Carroll says when your daffodils stop growing for the year never mow them off, because the foliage is what feeds the bulb for the following year. Simply bend it down and let it decay on its own.


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