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Gear Up for Biking Season in Naperville

With 82 miles of biking trails in Naperville, there’s almost no limit to where you can go. But in order to take your bike from garage to ground there are a few things you need to do first.

After a quick wipe down to remove dirt and dust, begin the safety check.

“I generally start at the front of the bike and I always start with the tires. In the spring your tires are flat when you pull it down, so I start and I check to  make sure they’re not cracked, the side walls are still good and I fill them up with air, and make sure they’ll fill up with air before you take it out for a spin,” said Justin Marone, Manager at Performance Bike Naperville.

Moving toward the back of the bike, check to make sure your brakes are in working condition.

“If somebody has rim brakes, the pads have a wear line on them and so they can take and check the pads and see if they’re going to work for them, or if they need to be replaced. Then the last thing I do is I check the cables and the chain to make sure nothing is broken and I lube everything to make sure it’s going to work properly,” said Marone.

Once your bike is prepared for riding, make sure you are too, by reviewing trail etiquette and following the Park District’s “Share The Trail” initiative.

“You have walkers, bikers, runners, and so what you try to do and is in essence the bikes yield to walkers, the runners yield to walkers, so you’re trying to get the idea across that safety, that interaction, because it’s a shared trail system. As well as some common things is to call out on the right, so that people understand when you’re coming up behind them,” said Davide White, Naperville Park District Police Officer.

The Naperville Park District Police will be out again this season enforcing the rules while rewarding good behavior on the trails.

“The new thing this year is doing incentives, we were able to get that from the staff, so it’s a nice little thing to get people. If you see somebody doing something correctly and you can talk to them and hand out a brochure and say thank you, and here’s an incentive to say ‘we saw you doing something good today, using the trails correctly and courteous,’” said White.

Now that your bike is ready and you can safely ride, it’s time to hit the trails.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.


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