Float Your Boat

Centennial Beach was turned into a boat marina this afternoon all in the name of charity. The first Float Your Boat For A Cause event pitted 95.9 The River personalities and staff against one another in a cardboard boat race.

Up for grabs was $5,000 worth of advertising for a local not for profit chosen by the River participants. Morning show co-host Danielle Tufano said it was easy for her to choose her charity.

“I’m on the board of directors for the Naperville Jaycees so I support everything that they do and all of the other organizations that they support as well,” said Tufano. “So it was an easy pick for me to choose the Jaycees.”

Scott Mackay host of Mackay in the Morning floated for 360 Youth Services. Mitch Michaels who does middays set sail for the Hines VA Fisher House. Evening personality Beth Reynolds represented Variety Children’s Charity of Illinois. And the River sales team played for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of DuPage.

After Michaels boat went under within the first minute, the remaining four boats stayed afloat for the firs ten minutes, then it was time to go head to head. In the end, it was Tufano who was victorious.

“I knew I had a pretty solid boat,” said Tufano. “But when I got in the water it was a little shaky. But, everyone did a great job and the boats floated a lot longer than I though they were going to.”

Because of Tufano’s win, The Naperville Jaycees won $5,000 worth of exposure on the station.

“We are going to use it to promote the Last Fling, which is coming up over Labor Day weekend,” said Tufano. “To help spread the word and to get the word out so people know what is coming up.”

The overall goal of the event was to give back and help the organizations get the word out about all they do in their communities, so each of the four non-winning teams still won $2,000 for their charities.

“I think we are really going to use that to promote some of our programs that we do and some of the specialized counseling programs that we do,” said Ron Hume, Executive Director for 360 Youth Services. “Because we don’t ever get the chance to get those on the air. So we are going to use the advertising to promote the services that we provide to the community that we would never have the chance to do if it wasn’t for this.”

The River staff also said that today’s event was so successful that they are already looking ahead to next year.


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