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Fill Your Belly With Beignets

Dark Horse Pastries’ Terrell Cole has had a passion for making desserts for years but one niche he always wanted his business to have was in beignets.

“So basically it’s just fried dough,” said Cole. “Recently I just found out the origin of them is roman, didn’t know that. But I’ve always known them to be a southern dish, New Orleans, have them in the morning with coffee.”

The sweet egg dough has about a half a cup of sugar to a cup and a half of water, making them an extra sweet specialty. After letting the dough sit for over an hour, you cut it into any size pieces you’d like.

“So about like that thick is good,” he explained while holding up pieces of the dough. “This way when they puff up you get this nice airy piece of fried dough. And a lot of people cringe at the word ‘fried dough’ but come on now a little powdered sugar, some chocolate sauce will change your life.”

Then it’s time to fry. After only a few minutes the dough will puff up and turn golden brown.

And then to plate, Cole likes to add some chocolate sauce underneath before topping the pastries off with a generous amount of powdered sugar.

A southern treat turned Midwestern sure to keep you satisfied for Fat Tuesday or any day.

Although their storefront is no more, you can still get your hands on these Dark Horse sugary treats by ordering online, through catering, or at local farmers markets in the coming months.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.


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