Fat Tuesday for Some

Downtown patrons got a taste of New Orleans and joined thousands of people down south in celebrating “Mardi Gras.”

French for “Fat Tuesday,” festivities include indulging in Cajun food, enjoying live music, and wearing green, yellow, and purple costumes.

Folks at Naperville’s “Heaven on Seven” packed the place to the gills and did just that.

“It’s a chance to just kick off your shoes, relax, and just enjoy life,” said Naperville resident Sandy Horsman.

And while many filled their bellies, for others, the evening was more like “Fit Tuesday.”

About 75 runners gathered at Naperville running company for a “Pub Run,” sponsored by Solemn Oath Brewery.

After lacing their shoes and donning beads, they ran and jogged three miles along the Riverwalk.

Afterwards, they still got to reward themselves with some food and friendship, much like the rest of the Mardi Gras observers, at Front Street Cantina.

Several participants even found a little, plastic baby in their shoes – like those found in New Orleans king cakes, winning them free running gear.


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