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Evidence-Based Funding Model Review for 203

At the most recent District 203 meeting Superintendent Dan Bridges gave a presentation about the Evidence-Based Funding Model from the state.

“Each school district is treated individually and an adequacy target is set and based on the needs of its student body,” explained Bridges. “The greater the students need of the district the higher the adequacy target. New dollars from the state will go to the neediest districts first on those furthest from their adequacy target, and this will close the gap in funding that currently exists within our current system.”

Schools are ranked from tier one to four and as a tier four, 203 receives one tenth of one percent of new state funding, while schools that are much needier ranked in tier one receive 50 percent.

“The funding model – hopefully they’ll get some money in place and help these other districts that don’t have the opportunities that we do,” added board member Terry Fielden.

Also of note at the meeting – the board discussed their five-year financial forecast.

Chief Financial Officer Marcy Boyan presented the estimated impact that the 2018 consumer price index would have on the district at 2.1 percent. She also discussed the levy increase request the board passed a few months ago.

The board will debate reducing that request in March when the financial forecast is due for approval.

And closing out the meeting was discussion about changes in some high school course fees. Increases and decreases in fees were due to the cost of class materials and those changes can be viewed on the district website.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.


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