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Essential Oils

Whether it’s lavender for calm, lemon for cleaning or orange for energy, essential oils are often used as a natural alternative.

“Essential oils are highly concentrated botanical essences, meant to reflect the plant they came from,” said Fruitful Yield Sales Associate Jennifer Zito.

There are over 100 of them, each with a signature scent and unique effect.

“With essential oils, what you’re looking for and why they don’t work the same for everybody is because it’s all about bringing your body’s harmony back into balance. So you’re not looking to cure any type of specific thing but you’re looking to help your body to heal at a more optimal level,” said Dr. Rebecca Lamarche, Owner of Revive Health Center.

While the oils are not FDA approved as an alternative to medicine, many people have noted their healing effects.

“I actually have autoimmune conditions and one of the conditions I have is with my skin. I was having flare ups probably every two to four weeks and since starting these oils in July, I’ve gone now since July without a single flare-up. So I apply the oil every other day to the skin and it’s absolutely been miraculous for me,” said Karen Hasselo, an essential oil user.

But they’re not only meant for medical purposes. Different oils can be applied topically, diffused through the air or ingested, with caution.

“The most popular would be doing it aromatically, putting it in the diffuser, I have a lot of people do that just to help their home smell better, in a more natural way instead of using synthetic plug-ins and things like that,” said Dr. Lamarche.

When applying topically, make sure to mix with a carrier oil, like coconut or almond oil, to minimize any reaction your skin might have.

Dr. Lamarche explains, “When you’re trying to use essential oils they’re going to work different and sometimes you have to go through a couple oils before you find the right fit for your body.”

Experts warn that the essential oil field is not regulated, so make sure you do your homework before buying.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.


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