Why the School Board is Important

It’s the place your child will spend most of their time, school, yet most parents don’t know the impact of their local school board.

“That school board is at the intersection of peoples kids and their wallets. There are really no two things more important to our society,” said Illinois State Board Member, Curt Bradshaw.

A school boards’ main administrative role is making sure the superintendent falls in line with the goals of the board.

They also play a major role in what programs are used to educate students and how to afford them.

“The more subsidized things that a school board is going to be responsible for is setting a vision for the programs of that particular district and then trying to find ways to effectively and efficiently make sure those programs are implemented and that vision is incredibly important and why everyone should care what the school board is doing,” said Political Science Professor at North Central College, Suzanne Chod.

With the majority of funding in both local school districts coming from the taxpayer, everyone should be concerned with who serves on our boards, not just parents.

“All of these programs are going to require money that doesn’t exist yet so there is the possibility of their taxes being increased and this is a concern for anyone living in the district and not just those with school age children. But especially those with school children and they should really think about ‘is this a program I want or is this something my child will be engaging in’ because they are the ones that are going to have to pay for it,” said Chod.

Board members typically serve in four year terms, elected by residents of that district.

Knowledge of your school district is a must but there are also a few other things to keep in mind when you cast your vote this Spring.

“You want board members that are collaborative, that are attune to the community, and that work together with all the stake holders, parents, students, staff and administration to make sure the district moves to a better and higher level than it is at a current time,” said Bradshaw.


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