Customers visiting Anderson’s Bookshop in Downtown Naperville will now find that they have a larger selection to choose from. But don’t look in the shop for these items because you won’t find them on the shelves. Thousands of E Readers were given as gifts this holiday season leading the bookshop and the Naperville Public Library to adapt to the market and offer digital books in addition to the traditional form.

“Now we can sell our customers in the format they wish,” said Becky Anderson, Co-Owner of Anderson’s Bookshop.” If they want it in the physical format or a digital format, we can do that.”

In December, Anderson’s website partnered with Google to make purchasing EBooks an easier process for their customers and even offer bundle packages that include both digital and traditional book formats. independent bookshops like Anderson’s know that it is necessary to adapt to digital formats to prevent a decrease in sales similar to that of the music industry.

“We don’t want it to go the way it did when iTunes took over and basically wiped out so many independent record stores,” said Anderson. “We want to be able to adapt and let people know that we can get them digital books just like the big guys.”

The Naperville Public Library has also fooled the digital trend and now offers over 14,000 items on the libraries download site. The download site has been growing in popularity for library patrons featuring EBooks, music, and even movies.

“It’s the whole concept of what I want, when I want it, where I am, wherever I am. ” says the library’s Deputy Director Julie Rothenfluh.

Despite increasing items on the site, the total number of downloadable items represent less than 1% of the libraries total circulation. This is evidence that while the digital book trend may be here to stay, avid readers will always love curling up with a good book.

“I like that books are tangible,” said Anderson’s customer Kristin Slader. “You can flip through the pages, they have a smell, and they are real.”


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