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DuPage County’s New Map Apps

DuPage County has two new mapping applications to help residents.

The first is Parcel Viewer, which allows you to look up information about any plot of land in DuPage County. Users can check lot information, see flood lines and even get a picture of what the land was like in 1956.

The second is Citizen Report, which allows users to report issues that need the county’s attention, using their cell phone.

“It will go to a back office that will then send a staff person out to address that issue and then proactively, once that issue is addressed, we can then maybe the notify the person who submitted it because they can add their email if they wish,” said Tom Ricker, Geographic Information Systems Manager for DuPage County.

Currently, you can only report waterway issues, but the county is working on adding a section for the Department of Transportation, which would allow users to report potholes and other country road issues.

You can access these maps on the county website, through your computer or mobile device.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.


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