Drug & Addiction In Schools

Parents recently filled Naperville North’s library to learn more about drugs that circulate the area and ways to help keep their kids clean.

Detective Shaun Ferguson of the Naperville Police Department (NPD), who taught parents about both illegal and prescription drugs and that living in an affluent community like ours can make it easy for kids to obtain drugs.

“I would say largely access to money; access to resources, cars, and money fuels the trade, because that’s how people communicate, how they buy it and how they get to it,” said Ferguson.

Naperville Police Department Detective Rich Wistocki, who investigates high tech crimes, explained that by monitoring their child’s phone and Internet use, they could help prevent drug use.

“I was very interested in all the monitoring for computers and cell phones and the amount of prescription drug use that is going on in our community,” said parent Laurie Wylly. “I was aware of the illegal drug use but not the prescription drug use.”

Many parents admitted they know that illegal drugs, like heroin, are throughout Naperville, but didn’t realize prescription drugs, like their old painkillers, could be the gateway into a heroin addiction.

“Prescription drugs, as powerful as they are now, are basically the chemical form of what you would get out of heroin. It is legal and some people need it, but it needs to be controlled like you would a weapon in your home,” said Ferguson.

To combat prescription drug use the NPD collected pills at the event that were no longer needed as part of their new Take back Program to help dispose of them properly.

The NPD is working on bringing the take back program to the entire community in the future.


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