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District 204’s “Future Ready” Classroom

Metea Valley High School teachers Josh Robinson and Adam Page are giving students the opportunity to learn at their own pace with mastery days.

“It’s a second chance for the kids to master a skill, so at the end of each unit, we have structured relearning and another chance for students to take an assessment built into each unit,” said teacher Josh Robinson.

Two days of classes, or four periods, are set-aside for mastery days. Students pull up their grades for the unit and determine where they need extra work.

Once they know where they need to improve, they spend class-time practicing and studying to be ready when they take another shot at the assessment.

It’s a system that’s working – on a grammar unit, all students who scored a “basic” or “below-basic” understanding of the concepts were able to boost their scores to show that they had a “proficient” or “advanced” understanding after mastery days.

“We go back in and add credit to the grade book to reflect the new skill level. If a student didn’t get a grammar skill two weeks ago but they get it now, that’s a win,” said teacher Adam Page. “We put that credit back in the grade book for them.”

Students who are earning an “A” in the course are able to use mastery days to pursue their own learning in a topic related to the course. They can work alone or with others to turn in a project of their choice.

Also at the meeting, the board unanimously voted to appoint board vice president Michael Raczak as their representative member on the Indian Prairie Educational Foundation board of directors.

This is a voting position on IPEF’s board. The appointment will ensure that the organizations are working together to further their shared interests.

Michael Raczak was appointed as a part of the memorandum of understanding signed by both organizations in September.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.


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