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District 203’s Testing Transition

At District 203’s Board of Education meeting, administrators presented plans to transition students from preparing for the ACT to preparing for the SAT.

Beginning in eighth grade, students in 203 take exams that help them get ready for the ACT. Now that the state has officially moved to the SAT, the district must shift gears.

In the coming school year, students will take a form of the PSAT in ninth grade, tenth graders will take a PSAT and a retired ACT, and students in eleventh grade will take an actual SAT.  The following school year will have the same tests, except tenth graders will only take a PSAT.

“We intend, through his plan, to fulfill the commitment we have made to prepare students for their college entrance exam experience. In addition, we will be gathering data on the SAT series of assessments so we can better inform the school improvement process in the future,” said Tim Wierenga, Assistant Superintendent for Assessment and Analytics for 203.

Officials also recommended that Naperville North and Central continue their involvement with the National School Lunch Program, for at least another year.

“Based on the recent history, what we’ve observed in other districts, potential changes in legislation, and other key findings from stakeholder surveys, we do believe that’s the best course of action at this time,” said Brad Cauffman, Chief Financial Officer for 203.

But new on the menu could be hot breakfast. In a recent survey 70 percent of students and 65 percent of parents expressed interest in a breakfast option. District staff is looking into the possibility and will bring a plan to the board.

And pending board approval, 203 will not abate the proposed debt service levy this year.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.


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