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District 203 Update – November 2016


Administrators presented possible changes to the 2017 summer school program, which include adding five courses to the junior high offerings, a slight tuition increase of around $10 and only admitting District 203 residents into the summer school program.

Later in the meeting, after several weeks of discussion board members voted four to three to keep the President’s term at two years, as opposed to lowering it to one year.

Originally proposed by board member Jackie Romberg, and supported by Susan Crotty and Vice President Mike Jaensch, the one-year term would have allowed for annual review of the President’s performance and alleviated some of the time commitments of being president.

However, the board did approve having an annual self-evaluation.

The next District 203 board meeting will be November 21.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.


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