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District 203 Tests Their Water

At the second District 203 Board of Education meeting in September, officials discussed the results of a recent lead and copper water quality sample test.

“It’s important to note this was a proactive request. This was us getting out there and saying in light of the headlines and the stories that we’re seeing, we’d like to get a sampling of our water quality to ensure our students and staff in our buildings are safe. This was not any regulatory compliance that we had to follow, as a matter of fact as noted, there’s currently no federal or state laws requiring the testing of the drinking waters in schools,” said Superintendent of District 203, Dan Bridges.

121 samples were collected from the district’s 22 schools and other properties. After comparing the samples to the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations, it was determined that 203’s water levels are safe.

The district plans to retest the water annually.

District 204 also tested their water quality, resulting in one drinking fountain replacement.

Naperville News 17’s Evan Summers reports.


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