Jeremy Markham and Kyler Juckins have dreamt of owning their own business since high school. And back in August, the 20-year olds made that dream a reality with the launch of their mobile app DinnDinn.

“We were sitting in his kitchen one day and eating, and reviewing or reflecting on all these ideas we had, and it came to us. Why don’t we figure out a way for people to share food on social media and meet people while doing it?” said Markham.

DinnDinn is a virtual refrigerator. Users can snap a photo of their food or drink and upload it to their page. You can also add a brief description of the dish. It then goes into your fridge and your “TasteBuds” can see it and either love it or hate it.

“Your TasteBuds are based on people that follow you, kind of like Twitter,” said Juckins. “On DinnDinn you can follow celebrities, food connoisseurs, or just a friend, and you follow each other and you can see what they’re eating by checking out their virtual fridge.”

The process took about a year and a half from concept to completion. The two aren’t programmers so they found a few investors and worked with a production company to create the app, which already has a number of followers.

“Every time I go out to eat or any time I have a meal that is unusual, I’ll just upload a picture and tell a little bit about it,” said Megan Barfield, a DinnDinn user. “I especially upload my favorite foods, like my favorite snack foods, if I’m eating popcorn, or I had Auntie Ann’s yesterday.”

Markham and Juckins didn’t start the business to raise money but for their love of food and to encourage other young entrepreneurs.

“We want to share this great product with everybody and anybody that shares this passion that we do,” said Markham. “It’s not so much about the financial success. What we want to do is build a product that we really love.”

“We want to share with people our ideas, our knowledge,” said Juckins. “The things that we learned while we were in this process, we’d like to share with people in high school. Obviously it’s a learning process.”

DinnDInn has nearly 600 users from around the world.


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