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Dick Tracy Sculpture on the Move

Crews worked to remove the nine foot tall Dick Tracy Sculpture from its location along the Riverwalk to clear it out of the way of work being done on the Water Street District.

The 2,000 pound bronze sculpture will be taken to the Highway Township Department building for about two months and will get a face-lift while away.

“It’s gone from a bright yellow surface from the jacket that is characteristic of the detective, is now brown version of it- we need to recolor it, reseal it , reattach footing pegs on the stainless steel for a reapplication to a drier location,” said Donald Reed, Sculptore of the Dick Tracy Sculpture.

The piece will then be returned to the area with an improved pedestal base to alleviate water damage from the river.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek Reports.


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