Dancing with the Celebrities 2011

The who’s who of Naperville will once again grace the dance floor for a fundraiser. On September 14th, eight couples will Tango, Samba, and Salsa during the 2nd-annual “Dancing with the Celebrities” competition. The event at Meson Sabika will raise money for the Community Career Center.
Joining the competition this year as a dancer is the city’s Community Relations Manager Nadja Lalvani. She participated last year as a judge.

“It looked like so much fun. I could tell that all the people that were dancing had so much fun energy and the audience was feeding off their energy,” said Lalvani. “So this year I was humbled and honored when they asked me to dance.”

Lalvani and her partner will be doing the “Rolling Rock Tango” at the “Dancing with the Celebrities” competition. The event will be a particularly special day for her as Lalvani also celebrates her birthday. She says a great gift would be to win it all so she and her partner are perfecting their routine.

“We have the skeleton & the foundation so we’re just adding that extra oompf,” said Catalan. “Yeah, and people are making a lot of money for these tickets so we just want to make sure we can entertain them,” added Lalvani.

Assistant City Manager Bob Marshall is keeping his song a secret but says it’s got a country theme and fancy footwork.

“One of the things Stephanie told me is if I start feeling stupid about my moves, then I’m doing good,” said Marshall. “I do feel stupid about some of the things I’m doing so I guess I’m making some progress.”

Though there’s still progress to be made. His partner Sterba Dance Sport’s Stephanie Meisenbach is teaching him a Rumba routine.

“We have a little bit left of the dance to learn and then we should be good but what we have so far I feel pretty good about,” said Meisenbach.

Meanwhile the General Manager of Sullivan’s Steakhouse Troy Smith is bringing some sizzlin’ hip-swinging action. Smith and his partner, Arthur-Murray Dance Studio’s Kelly Lakomy are doing a challenging, fast-past Samba sequence, set to a Daddy Yanky song.

“It’s a very difficult routine and so now we’re just kind of working on our partnership and creating a lot more technique and chemistry on the floor,” said Lakomy. “[There are] a lot of quick movements on the floor but [it’s] technically very sound,” added Smith.

Also in the restaurant business owner of “Raffi’s On 5th” Raffi Demerdjian is spicing things up with a little Salsa. He’ll be performing to Shakira’s “La Tortura.”

“I chose Salsa because I want to make a statement on the dance floor,” said Demerdjian. “I think I have the type of body that will be conducive to that type of dance.”

Though he still has a lot of work left to do, Demerdjian’s confident he can pull it off.

“I think I’m behind the other dancers in how many lessons I’ve taken,” said Demerdjian. “But I’m going to cram in the next week and a half, and I should win the competition.”

The big winner on competition night will be the audience favorite award, a new addition to the city’s “Dancing with the Celebrities” event. While the show is already sold-out, you can catch all the moves right here on channel 17 at 9pm on September 14th or on our website, www.nctv17.com.


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