Computer Coding for Preschoolers

Computer science in preschool? These three and four-year-olds make learning how to code look easy.

As part of the STEM initiative in District 203, students at the Ann Reid Early Childhood Center recently spent an hour  learning basic computer science.

Students had to figure out how to get the hungry caterpillar from one spot to the next, whether they used drawings, an app, the Code-A-Pillar, or a Beat-Bot.

“Coding is just a tool that we’re using to teach the kids the skills that they’re already learning in the classroom – problem solving, taking turns, following directions, patterning and sequencing, counting. So we’re taking this fun interactive tool, and we are making them learn with it,” explained Kim O’Neill, the Learning Commons Leader at Ann Reid.

More coding events like this are planned for preschoolers in District 203 in the future.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.


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