Commercial Zoning Incoming Near Aero Estates

December 9, 2017
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At its latest meeting, the plan commission voted 6-1 to rezone three parcels of land near and including the World Mission Society Church of God for commercial use – with the recommendation that any redevelopment of the church’s parcel come back to them for approval.

This came after a significant turn out of residents of Aero Estates, who were concerned that commercial development so close to their homes would increase traffic on residential Aero Drive and bring down their property values.

“A lot of people use Aero Drive to cut through to Route 59 and they speed down the street,” said Aero Estates Resident Christine Greenstreet. “My concern, with my children and my grandchildren playing in the front of my house is what’s going to happen when you put a commercial property there?”

While residents were generally opposed to any commercial development along Route 59 and 79th Street, the city’s master plan does call for commercial development in that area – and the commission agreed with that.

“Route 59 is absolutely a commercial boon to Naperville and the surrounding area,” said Planning and Zoning Commissioner Robert Williams. “It’s enormous, it’s getting bigger and better all the time.”

What the commission didn’t agree with were variances requested for the development of a building for Best Buy Carpet & Granite, which owns the land adjoining the church.

The building would house their showroom and a restaurant with a drive-thru. In a 7-2 vote, the commission voted against three variances related to the drive-thru and a loading zone, one of which would have put the drive-thru 15 feet away from a residential yard.

“The city of Naperville has great ordnances that regulate development, particularly as it relates to development adjacent to residences,” said Planning and Zoning Commissioner Carrie Hansen. “That 15-foot setback for the drive-thru is a big concern to me.”

All of this is dependent on the land being annexed into Naperville, which is a decision for City Council, as are the zoning recommendations.

Even though their property may be rezoned, the World Mission Society Church of God has no plans to change their use of it.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.