Comcast Expands In Naperville

Media giant Comcast recently unveiled their new Executive Briefing Center to business and community leaders from across Naperville. The new center gives Comcast the ability to demonstrate its suite of business class products and services.

By the time hiring is complete they’ll have added 170 jobs in customer service, sales and administrative positions.

President of Comcast Business Services Bill Stemper says he’s excited to expand.

“This is a unique area in the U.S. for telecom talent,” says Stemper. “This general area has a lot of ingrained telecom talent so it’s natural and easy to find folks to build our very fast growing business.”

It’s a trend seen across the country. Jobs in the technology and service based sectors are thriving. The uptick in jobs was spurred by legislative changes.

“The deregulation of several industries, including the telecommunications industry, which has been big for the technology sector,” says Assistant Professor of Economics Brandon Sheridan. “That’s been a fairly big development.”

Comcast has capitalized on advances data services that businesses need like cutting edge phone, Internet, and data packages. Stemper says businesses are realizing they can run more efficiently with Comcast products as part of their business plan.

Comcast’s decision to make DuPage County home to such a thriving segment of its business is a testament to this area’s economic endurance.

“We have a low tax environment, we have small government,” says Chairman Dan Cronin. “Some of our neighbors have to tax a lot and have more regulations because they have to feed a larger government.”

The national unemployment rate sits at 7.8 percent. Here in DuPage County the unemployment rate is 6.9 percent. Compared to surrounding counties DuPage is doing fairly well.

Manufacturing jobs of the past have evolved into a high tech industry that demands higher education. Workers with advanced degrees will be the ones filling open jobs in the future.


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