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Cold Home Prep in Naperville

As the weather begins to change in Naperville, it’s time to start thinking about making changes in your home to protect it.

“Once the grass stops growing in your front lawn, it’s pretty much time to start getting ready for the onslaught of cold weather, which can do damage to your home,” said Stephen Brockman, Owner of Expert Plumbing, Heating and Electrical.

There are a few simple steps to get your home prepped for the fall. First start outside.

“A frost-freeze hose bit, where you hook up your hose to your garden, when you turn a knob, it will shut off inside your house. The problem we have is that people like to leave their garden hose on, so it stays full of water, freezes, splits and breaks, and come springtime when you open it again, water pours into your basement,” said Brockman.

Next, ensure that water doesn’t get too close to your home by maintaining clean gutters throughout the fall.

“That water that goes down your gutter is directed to go closer to the area where your sump pump can grab it. If you don’t clean your gutters, it goes right into the ground and a lot of time right into your basement because it doesn’t have enough time to get to the sump pump,” said Brockman.

Maintenance inside the home is just as important. Brockman recommends changing furnace and humidifier filters this time of year, as well as the air supply to those appliances.

“Take your vacuum cleaner and clean the vents around your house where you get the makeup air for your furnace, because that’s just drawing contaminants inside your home,” said Brockman.

Taking these steps should ensure a clean and ready home for the cold.

One final tip from Brockman, check your attic to make sure all installation is in place to keep your home warm.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.


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