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Climate Change Discussion at Benedictine

Columbia University’s, Dr. James Hansen was joined by WGN’s, Chief Meteorologist, Tom Skilling to discuss fossil fuel consumption and its direct impact on global warming and weather patterns around the world.

“We have a crisis. We actually have an emergency. The danger is that we may hand young people a system that is out of their control, that we’ve passed tipping points at which changes will continue that are practically impossible to stop,” said James Hansen, Ph.D.

As greenhouse gasses accumulate in the atmosphere, the earth retains more heat, causing extreme weather conditions, like droughts and flooding.

It’s an issue that scientists believe will have a significant impact on agriculture, water supply and ecosystems.

“If we stay on business as usual, by the end of the century, IPCC estimated that a quarter to a half of the species on the planet will be committed to extinction,” added Hansen.

Dr. Hansen believes that there are viable solutions to these issues like a carbon fee and dividend as well as utilizing nuclear power across the globe, and advocated for the Citizen’s Climate Lobby; an organization dedicated to climate solutions through political power.

Naperville News 17’s Rachel Pierson reports.


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