City Recommends Lower Electric Rates

At the most recent city council meeting, Department of Public Utilities Deputy Director Lucille Podlesny presented a report on the 2018 Electric Rate Study.

The report recommended city council reduce the electric rate by two percent for each of the next three years. That decrease would put Naperville at a more competitive rate than ComEd.

“We don’t want to ever make these decisions on rate increases or decreases based on competitiveness because it’s more about our cost of service,” said Mayor Steve Chirico. “We want to make sure we’re taking care of the system, investing in infrastructure… However, that said, it’s always nice to benchmark ourselves against what other communities are charging for electric.”

The decreases would come after three years of rate increases, including an 8.3 percent increase in 2016.

Council will vote on whether to approve the rate decreases at a future meeting.

This decrease would create an average additional savings of $24 per house, per year.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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