Caring for our Flag

The Star Spangled Banner has had many looks since the original one with thirteen stars and stripes that was adopted by the Continental Congress in 1777.

After the war of 1812 the Flag Commission decided to add a stripe and a star every time a new territory was added, but quickly realized that wasn’t the best idea.

“They thought, adding 15, 20 stars and stripes? No way, we’re going to need too big of a cloth! So they decided that once again they would go back to the thirteen stripes and every time a state was added they would make an additional star and rearrange the field to be as symmetrical as possible,” said

Though the number of stars has grown to 50, one thing that hasn’t changed is the respect and care required for handling the American flag so, we set out to the streets of Naperville to see just how much residents know about how to care for old glory.

“It should be put up every morning and taken down every night. Unless it is made from waterproof material or properly illuminated,” said George Hogrewe a member of the VFW.

With the popularity of red, white, and blue clothing this time of year is it appropriate to wear the American flag?

“Well it has become the thing to do but according to the Flag Code you should not do it, or drape it over your shoulders,” said Hogrewe.

And finally once the Fourth of July fun is over, what is the proper way to store your flag until the next holiday?

“Don’t drape it on a table, it should be folded and put into a box, and never place anything on top of the box,” said Hogrewe.

If you ever need to dispose of a flag there is also a certain way to do that, just drop it off at the VFW and they will take care of it.

“We perform a ceremony with the Boy Scouts for unserviceable flags similar to a cremation ceremony – and then dispose of the ashes in a good manner,” said Hogrewe.


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